Get Healthy! Join me for Spring Cleanse 2024

Spring is a wonderful season to re-commit to establishing good lifestyle choices.  I’m planning on enjoying a 5 day ProLon reset after Folk Fest starting Thursday April 18 through Monday April 22, followed by Jamie’s yummy Spring Meal Plan on April 23-27.

We can meet on the 2 Saturdays, April 20 and April 27. Email me at if you want to join! You can organize with Jamie to get her delicious food (907) 209-8293 ($300 payable to her directly) and also order a discount ProLon 5 day food kit (best value is to order 3) from

Some of the basic benefits of ProLon include:
•You will eat no sugar, refined carbs or alcohol
•You will appreciate smaller food portions and allow stomach to shrink
•You will avoid animal-based proteins and foods high in saturated fats without feeling deprived
•You will stop eating at night, and thus sleep better
•You can cut down or eliminate caffeine (one 8 oz black coffee allowed)
•You can look forward to light exercise such as walking, yoga and stretching
•You can pause non prescription medications
•You can look forward to no food shopping and very little kitchen prep/cleaning with delicious soups, bars, seed crackers and olives.

Everything you need for 5 days in a row (except water) are in the box. Live “in the box.” You can eat what’s in the box in any order but don’t switch items between days. This is actually quite liberating.

I’m going to suggest something that may seem radical, or almost impossible — but I promise it will benefit you.  For 5 continuous days of this 10 day stretch let’s go screen free.  I’m not talking about if your work involves a desk-top computer, but let’s let go of our phones and tablets for 5 days.  Think about which 5 days now and plan ahead.  Overuse of phone and tablet screens have many deleterious impacts incuding eye strain, sleep problems and even weight gain.  Social media can help us stay connected — and it can also leave us feeling depressed, anxious or angry.  Social media can certainly be an unproductive time suck and land us in a dopamine-addled state of FOMO where we avoid, or can’t cope with real life activities, events and responsibilities.  Compulsive screen use can put relationships and jobs at risk.  Likely anyone reading this will not have a major problem with screens.  So letting go of the phone for 5 days shouldn’t be a problem 🙂
Join me!