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Product Overview & Benefits

ProLon is a revolutionary 5-day nutritional program with plant-based foods designed to simulate fasting while providing a sense of well-being and renewal. By allowing your body a brief rest from constant eating, the program helps shrink your stomach and reinforces awareness of consuming fewer calories.

  • ProLon primarily works by allowing the digestive system to rest, freeing up energy for detox and cellular repair. By prioritizing good nutrition, hydration, regular exercise, sufficient sleep, and positive social connections, our bodies function as remarkable self-healing organisms.
  • ProLon offers benefits such as the reduction of visceral fat, metabolic balance, and various phases of cellular clean-up and renewal
  • Prolonged fasting with ProLon triggers autophagy, a biological process that cleans and rejuvenates cells, resulting in cellular rejuvenation.
  • Developed by Valter Longo PhD for over 35 years, ProLon is used in clinical trials at top cancer centers like Mayo and MD Anderson, aiding cancer patients in recovery from chemotherapy.
  • The 5-day ProLon kit, curated by Dr. Valter Longo, contains all necessary organic ingredients (most grown in Italy), excluding only water, for convenient and tasty meal organization.
  • On the first day, you’ll consume a slightly higher calorie intake of 1100 calories to ease into lower calorie days. During these days, the glycerine drink, included in the kit, is enjoyed as it is designed to prevent muscle atrophy during the 5 days of modified fasting. To enhance your experience, consider preparing the glycerine drink the night before with 2 Hibiscus tea bags for a refreshing cold brew with a light sweetness. Plan your day’s meals the night before to anticipate and optimize the benefits of each specific day focused on detoxification and cell renewal within the 5-day program.
  • Enjoying nut bars, crackers, olives, and soups over 5 days initiates a deep cellular cleansing journey. From transitioning to ketosis on day 1 to achieving tissue renewal by day 5, breaking the fast gradually on days 6 to 8 with cooked veggies, grains, and, if desired, animal products.

Visit to find the ingredients for soups, crackers, nut bars, and herbal teas. These products are free from wheat, gluten, dairy, corn, soy, MSG, and animal products. They do contain coconut and tree nuts. Days 2-5 offer approximately 800 calories.


New to fasting? Explore various approaches like one meal a day, one day of liquid-only, a 10-day Master Cleanse, or intermittent fasting within an 8-10 hour eating window each day. ProLon stands out in my 50 years of fasting exploration due to its simplicity, effectiveness, and a comfortable 5-day duration that minimizes hunger.

Can ProLon help with blood sugar control?

  • Absolutely! This is a significant benefit of reduced calorie consumption. In fact reversing type 2 diabetes is a research focus of founder Dr Valter Longo. From the company website: “Our latest research in Type 2 Diabetes management reveals that participants using FMD reduced glucose-lowering meds at a rate 8x higher than those receiving traditional Diabetes care alone.”

Can ProLon aid in weight loss?

  • Definitely! The reduced calorie intake during the program promotes weight loss, and many participants experience significant results. Dr. Valter Longo’s research highlights the effectiveness of ProLon in supporting healthy weight management.

Does ProLon have any impact on cholesterol levels?

  • ProLon has shown positive effects on cholesterol levels. The program’s focus on cellular rejuvenation and detoxification contributes to improvements in lipid profiles, promoting overall cardiovascular health.

Is ProLon suitable for athletes or those with an active lifestyle?

  • Yes! ProLon is designed to provide essential nutrients while promoting a fasting state. Many athletes and individuals with active lifestyles have reported maintaining energy levels during the program, making it a viable option for those with demanding physical routines.

Can ProLon be beneficial for overall gut health?

  • Absolutely! ProLon’s plant-based foods, such as soups and nut bars, support a healthy gut microbiome. The program’s emphasis on cellular clean-up and renewal can positively influence gut health, contributing to improved digestion and overall well-being.

Contact Information and Support:

  • You can buy kits directly from me (usually) for $187 but a better deal is to use this website to access my professional discount.  The best deal is $140 per kit if you buy 3.

What our customers are saying

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I feel lighter, clearer in my thinking and focused not only on my own best life, but also have energy to help others

I am at my best when on ProLon and like to do the 5 days every month.  I feel lighter, clearer in my thinking and focused not only on my own best life, but also have energy to help others. The crackers and soups are delicious.

PY, age 72


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I can walk my dogs several times daily, lift weights at the gym, teach high-energy classes several times a month during my ProLon and have even better energy afterwards.

It is helpful to remember how little I need to eat to maintain energy levels.  I walk my big dogs several times daily and lift weights at the gym plus teach high-energy classes several times a month.  I can do all this during my ProLon and have even better energy afterwards.

KS, age 59


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Well deserved investment in me!

A friend recommended ProLon to me. My goal was to reduce stomach inflammation and improve overall gut health. The program is well laid out & easy to follow. I viewed it as a well deserved investment in “me” Prolon did not disappoint, I have more energy, feel great & plan to continue down the path of healthier eating behavior for years tocome.

– Nancy S.


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I had such a great experience!

Food was great. I had a lot of energy and slept well. I also lost 5 lbs which has been so hard to do! I’ll definitely do Prolon again and have recommended it to friends.

– Sarah S.

Lifewave X39

Product Overview & Benefits

Lifewave’s patches use your own body heat (a form of infra-red light) to activate the crystals within the patch, which in turn stimulates a desired response within your own biochemistry.  Inventor David Schmidt, a self-admitted chemistry geek since his early teens, has deeply explored how to harness the potential for wellness within every human cell.  My favorite Lifewave patch is the X39 which features a crystal formation which triggers up-regulation of the GSK3 molecule within our own mesenchymal stem cells just below the surface of our skin.  Up-regulating GSK3 stimulates the production of new, multi-purpose stem cells to accelerate healing.  X39 patch, worn on most days, effectively eases arthritis pain without the risks of NSAID use.  Applied directly to the affected area, X39 relieves pain and boosts function.

  • Each patch contains crystals activated by body heat (infra-red light), sending signals into the skin, fascia, and bloodstream to stimulate the desired neurotransmitter or metabolic co-factor, depending on the patch used
  • The patches, priced at around $3 each for distributors (recommended for long-term use), are designed to last 24 hours. Start your day by placing X39 where needed, and explore other Lifewave patches for sleep, inflammation, hormone balancing, or heart opening, considering the potential benefits compared to daily coffee expenses.
  • Easy to use.  Patch sticks on like a latex-free band-aid
  • Be sure to stay well hydrated and eat a good diet to provide the foundation for optimal health.

What our customers are saying

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Emotional Balance

I use Nirvana to stay emotionally balanced around challenging loved ones, and Silent Night, especially effective for deep sleep. Works well on pregnant women when applied to the bottom of the left foot at the Kidney 1 point.

yellow stars

Pain is finally gone

From the Lifewave website: “32 years of pain gone in 3 days”

yellow stars

No side effects for me

Lifewave X39 patches have been proven to reduce pain and inflammation with no side effects.

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My old self is back

I feel more focused, energetic and youthful using X39.


Product Overview & Benefits

Fullscript is the largest platform on the planet for exceptional, physician-endorsed, natural and organic supplements for promoting health and well being. By opening an account with Fullscript you can enjoy both browsing and refilling my recommendations for significantly less cost than buying through me directly.

I can help you build a plan and this flexible template will be part of your profile so we can stay in touch about what is working and what needs to be adjusted to get optimal health benefits.

There are over 20,000 vitamin, mineral, amino acids, essential oil and herbal products to promote and enhance health and well being along with health and beauty aides for bath and kitchen.

  • Fullscript enables you to independently access the high-quality supplements I’ve recommended or prescribed, taking control of refills, even for “prescription-only” items; feel free to email me for help.
  • Fullscript allows me to recommend top-quality products from trusted suppliers.
Practice Tool Quality

Explore Fullscript as a top-tier practice tool revolutionizing health and wellness recommendations, committed to providing the industry’s best customer support, and offering a convenient, reliable, and practitioner-supported approach to supplement delivery.

Delivery Speed

You can generally expect to receive your selected supplements within a few days.  If you buy $50 or more, shipping is free.

Priority One

Product Overview & Benefits

Priority One is a longstanding and continuously growing supporter of the natural healthcare movement. The company is particularly dedicated to providing advanced glandular formulations, surpassing pharmaceutical and synthetic thyroid and adrenal support.

Priority One is committed to sourcing glandulars from grass-fed, happy sheep and pigs in Denmark and New Zealand, consistent with the quality and ethical considerations in their ingredient selection process.


Priority One has an easy-to-navigate website that allows you to easily sort products by health concern.  Check out specific categories like “Digestive Health” for a targeted product listing.

I recommend Thyroid 65 and LGS for multiple food sensitivities, and Licorice Plus lozenges for heartburn, addressing not only the esophageal sphincter but also providing adrenal support to reduce reactivity over time.

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Gina Travis

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Product Overview & Benefits

MegaSporeBiotic, the top probiotic from a leading research company, is my favorite for post-antibiotic gut re-seeding, providing benefits such as improved digestion, bowel regularity, bacterial overgrowth control, detoxification, reduced inflammation and pain, and the production of essential nutrients, contributing to enhanced skin and mood.

MegaSporebiotic’s spore form prevents activation in the mouth or stomach, eliminating the need for refrigeration and ensuring the probiotics reach the small intestine and colon, enhancing efficacy for therapeutic goals and placing it in a completely different category with regards to efficacy. 

MegaSporebiotic offers advanced spore-based efficacy for gut colonization and a unique blend of beneficial bacteria, including immune stimulator Bacillus indicus HU36, antimicrobial-producing Bacillus licheniformis, enzyme and nutrient-producing Bacillus subtilis HU58, widely-used probiotic Bacillus clausii, and clinically studied Bacillus coagulans. Notably, one patient reported clearing socially crippling acne in her teenage son by using MegaSporeBiotic with dietary changes.

Any inquiries or assistance on MegaSporebiotic, or information on the science behind the product’s effectiveness can be found at

What our customers are saying

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Margie – One of my favorite products

This is an awesome product. My gut loves it.

Mountain Peak Nutritionals

Product Overview & Benefits

Mountain Peak Nutritionals, founded by Jim Massey ND, is renowned for top-quality herbal medicines. Dr. Massey has a special knack for herbal formulations and donates a portion of profits to legal efforts supporting naturopathic physicians’ full scope of practice in Alaska when you buy here.

Coupon code for a further discount: drkane5

Use this coupon code for a further discount: drkane5 at

Exclusively available through physician websites or Mountain Peak Nutrition, these supplements, like Digestive, Tranquility, and Heart Tension, bring relief for specific conditions. Using premium ingredients and rigorous testing, Mountain Peak Nutritionals ensures each supplement is of the highest quality. Dr. Massey’s expertise in synergistically combining herbal ingredients enhances results, offering a more effective alternative to taking multiple capsules.


What our customers are saying

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Jump Rope Mana – Hypoallergenic and easy on my gut

yellow stars

Elizabeth Mahoney – AMAZING!

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Hugh Colson – Easy to swollow