Natural therapies for COVID19 infection

Basic naturopathic principles for treating COVID 19 infection

Help brain recovery (especially if already diagnosed, or at risk of, dementia):
Lithium orotate, 20-50 mg daily
DHA 1000 mg daily (eating fatty fish is also good)

Immune tonics (choose one or 2)
Siberian ginseng (Eleutherococcus senticosus)
Bioflavonoids: Berberine, Curcumin, Quercitin, Resveratrol, Hydrastis (Goldseal)
Epicatechins (green tea)

Anti virals
Echinachea (not if Bloodtype O)
Lauric acid (Monoloaurin) COVID 19 is known to re-activate EBV

Cardiac protection
Nitric oxide donors: Citrulline. Beets, Arginine. Cranberry extract
Enzymes: Bromelain 1000 mg BID, Wobenzyme
Taurine up to 2 grams daily

Lung support
NAC 1200 mg at bedtime to thin mucous and allow for more productive expectoration
Glutathione, ideally liposomal (Readisorb brand, 1 tsp daily)

Energy level
B vitamins
Licorice (especially if low cortisol, or craving salt)
Gentle daily exercise (walking, yoga, easy bike riding)
Melatonin 1.5-3 mg at bedtime to improve sleep onset
Chamomile or Ashwaganda or L-Theanine of Phosphatidyl serine at bedtime to improve sleep durability (inhibit overnight cortisol spikes)