Practical advice for reducing COVID-19 risk

I will be offering TeleMedicine in April as soon as my state license to do so is approved.  We will be using the HIPAA compliant platform

If exposed, how long am I contagious?

1. Even seriously ill people are likely no longer contagious after 10 days of symptoms – even if they are still really sick.  C-19 RNA still can be swabbed, but not the whole virus. Less ill people are likely no longer contagious much sooner.
2. C-19 colonizes at 1000 times more virus particles than SARS, producing thousands or millions of viruses in the nose and throat.

We can also glean useful information from this article to figure out a creative solution for prevention or reducing spread of the virus. Suppose we could kill the virus in the nose and throat before it became established? We could try, right? Consider making an antiviral nose and throat spray using some of the herbs we are familiar with that are shown to have anti-corona virus activity: astragalus, licorice, elderberry, eupatorium. Mixing one or some of the tinctures with a saline or xylitol spray would be a convenient carrier.  Or a person could enjoy a steam inhalation with essential oil drops of antic-microbial essential oils such as thyme, oregano, eucalyptus.  Garlic has renown anti-viral properties and comes up useful in several international studies to lessen COVID-19 risk and severity.  Because it’s pretty bitter raw you can bake peeled along with a bunch of other robust roasting veggies, or pop cloves in the microwave (ugh!) for a few minutes, then peel and enjoy.  Can be dipped in a bit of honey for children.