Tips for Enhancing Inner Peace

Inner Peace Reduces Anxiety
1. Be good to yourself. This is not selfish. It’s the foundation for a more peaceful world.
2. Breathe. Deep, slow breathing creates an ‘alpha’ state, which is an inwardly focused, relaxed, receptive awareness of reality. Allow the time daily for deep breathing and self-reflection.
3. Take care of your body. Move every day. Avoid alcohol, caffeine and junk food. Drink 1/4 your weight (pounds) in ounces of water daily. Always drink before eating, and never during meals. Choose vibrant, fresh, organic foods.
4. Honor your emotions. Acknowledge them, allow them, name them. Express them in a way that is not harmful to yourself or others. For example, write a letter or sing your pain instead of consuming sugar, alcohol or other drugs.
5. Create fun, loving relationships. Avoid judgment.
6. You get what you think about most. Think positively. Release negative emotions. Feel gratitude. Make a list of 5 reasons you feel grateful, every morning.

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