Blue Laser Therapy for Acne

High-intensity ‘cool’ (blue) laser is being used increasingly to kill superficial bacterial infections. A company called Lumenis has a division of ‘aesthetic’ products including a high-intensity blue laser called “ClearLight” which dermatologists are using to kill the propionic and cornybacterium which are the primary cause of acne. The company claims there are no side effects to the treatments, which generally last about 15 minutes and are painless.

A typical course of treatment consists of eight visits to the dermatologist or salon over a period of four weeks. Most people sustain a 70% or greater improvement after a course of treatment, which continues for up to 8 months. Maintenance programs using the ideas in this article can help the skin stay clear for even longer.

The Lumenis company says these treatments offer an alternative to antibiotic treatment. About 40% of acne is estimated to be antibiotic resistant. To find practitioners closest to your area, go to the “Skin and Health” web site’s Find a Practitioner page, choose your appropriate search area (inside or outside the United States), then select ‘acne’ where the form asks for Application of Interest.