How to Treat a Bladder Infection

Hey, Guys! You Can Help!

If you are a man who enjoys making love with women, you are likely to encounter a female bladder infection at some point. Here are a few hot tips to help ensure your continued popularity with your suffering lover.

  1. Please don’t pressure her for sex until she’s ready. This rule applies in any situation, by the way.
  2. Cleanliness is key. Please wash your genital area well daily, and, if you are uncircumcised, clean under the foreskin. Scrub your fingernails. Yes, that generally involves a nail-brush. Keep well-shaved (or keep the hair on your face clean) so as not to further irritate the labia and urethral tissues. Unfortunately for women, the urethra is precariously near the clitoris, which is generally best not avoided. Keep “high” when entertaining your lover with oral foreplay.
  3. Which leads to the request, similar to #1 above, to always make sure your partner is well lubricated before penetrating with fingers or other appendages.
  4. Your female companion is likely to pee more frequently than you do whether or not she has a bladder infection, so just go ahead and put the toilet seat down, even if it’s your house. This is a really hot tip.
  5. Think of ways to be super-helpful for a few days: Run to the pharmacy for her, even in the middle of the night. Give a little extra help with the kids, household, or shopping. Accompany her to the doctor if that becomes necessary.
  6. Help her stay hydrated; bring her juices and teas and make sure she has a tall glass of drinking water nearby at all times. Of course, this will mean she needs to pee more often, so please don’t pressure her to just wait until the next gas station or the end of the movie or whatever.