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Lifewave X39

Recently, since becoming a bona fide senior citizen I am contemplating how to live my best life in the remaining one-third of my time. Of course, I remain committed to the basics of a careful, plant-rich diet, eating less, drinking mostly water and plenty of it, getting enough sleep on a regular schedule, getting outside most days rain or shine, moving my body, moving my spirit, and doing all this with joy! There are plenty of moments in our busy lives that could engender despair. But we can’t despair! Let’s remember we always have options like looking on the brighter side and committing to the best possible life.

I have recently found an intriguing company offering patches that deliver light therapy (photo modulation, kind of like photosynthesis) which is boosting my minute-to-minute interest in doing the work to stay healthy, happy, and productive. Partly by reducing nagging low back pain and helping with much deeper sleep. Click on the link and learn about the healing LifeWave patches. The newest one, X39, is specifically designed to boost stem cells.

So, I know this is an MLM company. Honestly, that doesn’t bother me in the slightest. The rebel in me actually likes that. Sure some MLMs have silly products. But many (like Amway, Juice Plus, even Tupperware) have useful, durable, health-promoting products. And plenty of corporate-style companies (where the profits all accrue at the top instead of throughout the salesforce) sell silly, poorly made, or health-robbing products. My goal is not to create a new business. I have Natural Healthcare and that is plenty of business for me. My goal is to live long, with good health, and to share my ongoing explorations with you.

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