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I have practiced patient-centered family medicine in beautiful Juneau since 1993 (Bastyr University class of 1992).  My focus is to help you create optimal wellness through individualized health-promoting choices in food, exercise and non-pharmaceutical support.  I am interested in all patients who are willing to improve their health and I am accepting new patients of all ages, though generally not children under age 5. Over the years I have developed some areas of specialty expertise such as non-drug pain management (or ideally resolution) using mental/emotional redirection, structural correction (gentle manipulation), anti-inflammatory diet, acupuncture, and herbal analgesics.  Other health topics which deeply interest me are fertility and menstrual issues, digestive and food allergy problems, and foundational health improvement to achieve sleep quality, energy endurance and mental clarity.  I have a unique and often very successful approach to improving and treating auto-immune disorders and in the past five years have worked increasingly with a variety of neuro-degenerative challenges such as Parkinson’s disease.  I can help you with decisions about safely weaning off current pharmaceutical regimens.  In general the way to go is very slowly when stopping prescription medicine.  I have published hundreds of easy-to-understand articles on achieving optimal health.


Workshops / Cleanses

2018 spring cleanse (12 participants max) and 6-week deep dive into radiant self-health care

After 5 weeks in India I am re-inspired to use Ayurvedic concepts to promote restoration of basic health parameters, and build from there.  Digestive health and excellent elimination remain fundamental for physical health.  Being clean physically is the foundation for emotional well-being, and spiritual growth.  If you sincerely desire optimal health and are willing to make changes to improve your life, please consider joining me and a group of local health-seekers for a 3-week program.  The program will involve dietary changes, sauna, and keeping a journal.  The first meeting will take place Saturday March 10 at 2 PM at the NOW Spa, 315 Third Street in downtown Juneau.  We will also be working with local resources (NOW Spa, and Jamie’s Raw Food Cleanse) as well as guidance from “The Fasting Diet” by Steven Bailey, ND, available on Amazon or through Rainbow Foods.  Detoxification is essential. Today we live with a higher burden of plastic, poor quality oils (fried foods) and heavy metals from big fish, dental fillings and industrial farming than any other time in human history. Saving your brain and achieving healthy longevity requires regular detoxification. Clean diet is essential. Sauna (ideally infra-red) is essential. When comparing an infrared sauna to a steam sauna, researchers found that the sweat from the infrared sauna contained more bismuth, cadmium, chromium, mercury, and uranium. The steam sauna caused higher levels of arsenic, aluminum, cobalt, copper, manganese, nickel, lead, tin, thallium, and zinc to be excreted.” Moving your body daily is essential. And fun!  The first three days (to begin no later than March 25, so the program will end by April 15 and then you’ll be set to transition to “regular” life — but transformed!) involve opening the colon with a high fiber drink and eating lots of vegetables throughout the day.  The next 5 days will be juice only (and water of course) to give the digestive tract a rest and allow the lymphatic, hepatic and renal systems to clear. You can make your own fruit (for the morning) or vegetable (for lunch and dinner) juices — organic produce required — or buy from Jamie Troxel (Grumpy’s Juice Bar — downtown location).  The following 6 days will be careful re-introduction of food types in a specific order.  Details are in Dr. Bailey’s book.  We will also meet once a week for support, and I will be available by email throughout.  After reintroduction we will continue with 5 more days of very careful organic, raw-food eating courtesy of Jamie Troxel.

This cleanse is open to 12 participants.
Cost: $890 for the entire package.  Raw food meals and juices from Jamie Troxel optional, but recommended.  Participants will order juices and raw food week food directly from Jamie, and buy sauna/massage package directly from Joanie at NOW Spa, and purchase Dr. Bailey’s book through Amazon or other book seller.  Please also contact my office to schedule your private session.  The weekly meeting times after March 10 are TBA.

Cost break-down: Dr. Bailey’s book $15, Jamie’s juices $135, Jamie’s raw-food week $250, packet of 5 saunas plus 90 minute detoxifying body work $250,  and Dr. Kane’s guidance which includes 4 group classes and 1 private one-hour meeting to personalize health challenges and goals $240

The 6-week deep dive into radiant health is an on-going program I offer along with personal trainer and Master of Public Health Audra Henderson.  You will enjoy a six weekly meetings with both me and with Audra, ideally 6 weeks in a row, but there is some flexibility to allow for schedule hiccups or travel.  Audra and I have been working together to refine this program which involves assessment of your self-health “weak spots.”  The 3 of us will work together as a team developing Specific,  Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound protocols (SMART) to create new health habits, and of course reduce or remove obstacles to health such as smoking or junk-food snacking or not sleeping enough.  The focus is creating a routine for regular exercise, home cooking with an “Alaskatarian” bent (lots of veggies and fresh wild salmon), safely reducing pharmaceuticals if feasible, weight loss if needed, improved digestive health and implementing restorative sleep.  The basics!  And the essential elements of radiant health.  If you feel you could use a health tune-up, please contact me to schedule the appointments.  The program costs $1350 for 6 one hour private sessions with me and 6 one hour private sessions with Audra, who is available to come to your home or work with you at your gym.  These represents a discount compared to booking all these sessions separately.  We want to create an incentive for you to dive into this program, and set up better health habits, so you can live a better life.

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Dr. Emily Kane is a highly certified and licensed practicing naturopathic doctor with over 30 years experience.