This is from cardiologist Dr. Gundry: Lectin Shield Lectins are a protein present in many plant-based foods we eat. They can interfere with your digestion, energy, and overall health. Lectin Shield is a unique blend of potent compounds designed to bind to the lectins in your diet. Promotes regularity and pleasant bathroom visits Blocks dietary lectins Helps reduce feelings of gas and bloating Aids against out-of-control food cravings Made in USA PRODUCT DESCRIPTION This groundbreaking new formula was created to offset the discomforting effects of lectins (proteins commonly found in plants that make them harder to digest). Lectin foods pervade the typical American diet and it can be difficult to maintain a completely lectin free diet. This is where Lectin Shield comes in. Lectin Shield works to protect your body from a pile-up of lectins and to promote full-body comfort. Supports intestinal health. Blocks dietary lectins. Helps reduce instances of gas and bloating. Helps curb cravings for lectin foods and encourages digestive strength. Please email me to join with me in a 1-2 month experiment using this product. SHIELDING YOUR...

Cultivated foods have all developed mechanisms to protect themselves. Yes, they are “evolved organisms” and prefer to not be eaten. Mostly these toxic substances (called lectins) in almost all cultivated foods work to prevent bugs and birds eating away at the plants. But lectins can disrupt human gastric-intestinal health, and negatively impact brain function as well — including instigating food cravings.

I am starting to plan 10 days on the beautiful Hamakua Coast at an amazing retreat center with ocean below and mountains above. The location is a few miles north of Hilo on a biological farm which has pioneered the use of enzymes and soil micro-organisms to grow super-charged, nutritious and delicious food. The program will blend daily farm fresh cuisine, with several cooking classes, daily deep stretching and meditation, and 5 spectacular Big Island adventures.  Everything optional!  You may choose to hang out on the porch (lanai) of your luxury cabana.  Hosted by instructors Jennifer Weinert, Purna Yoga 2000 hour level teacher and organic farmer, and Emily Kane, ND, LAc, Purna Yoga 200 hour level teacher, author and practicing naturopathic physician. Also featuring guest cooks, guides and farming experts.   Dates are January 5-14, 2021 so there is plenty of time to plan ahead. This will be an intimate retreat with space for 10 participants only.   More info, and registration here.            

ONGOING 6-week deep dive into radiant self-health care   The 6-week deep dive into radiant health is an on-going program I offer along with personal trainer and Master of Public Health Audra Henderson.  You will enjoy a six weekly meetings with both me and with Audra, ideally 6 weeks in a row, but there is some flexibility to allow for schedule hiccups or travel.  Audra and I have been working together to refine this program which involves assessment of your self-health “weak spots.”  The 3 of us will work together as a team developing Specific,  Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound protocols (SMART) to create new health habits, and of course reduce or remove obstacles to health such as smoking or junk-food snacking or not sleeping enough.  The focus is creating a routine for regular exercise, home cooking with an “Alaskatarian” bent (lots of veggies and fresh wild salmon), safely reducing pharmaceuticals if feasible, weight loss if needed, improved digestive health and implementing restorative sleep.  The basics!  And the essential elements of radiant health.  If you feel you could use a health...

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I wrote a letter for the Action Network letter campaign “Support the Juneau Renewable Energy Strategy.” On November 20th, the Energy Strategy will come before the CBJ Assembly

Shocker: Comparing deaths from medical drugs, vitamins, all US wars by Jon Rappoport March 29, 2014 People want to believe medical science gives us, at any given moment, the best of all possible worlds. And of course, the best of all possible worlds must have its enemies: the quacks who sell unproven snake oil.