Dr Kane Reboots Annual Spring Cleanse. Join Us!

DATES: Meetings on 3 Saturdays 3:30 – 4:30 PM April 30May 7 and May 14 2022
LOCATION: on the second floor of Arcticorp Building (one floor below my office and on the Harris St side of the building) room 216.
PROGRAM: 5 days of raw food (recommend buying from Jamie Toxel (907) 209-8293  $250. Tuesday-Saturday May 3-7.  Order from Jamie and pay her directly.  Followed by 5 days of the ProLon program  “Fast Mimicking Diet” (Dr. Valter Longo).  Lots of info on this program below.  You can buy through my office for $187 or directly from the company.  Be aware, the shipping to AK is fairly high, but I will buy in bulk to minimize shipping costs.
The 5 ProLon days will ideally follow directly after 5 days of Jamie’s raw food (May 8-12) but could also be delayed a few days.
Receipts available with a visit to my office to personalize health goals.
The  program objectives are:
* Increase authentic comfort with eating less
* Enhance focus on health-promoting food choices
* Enjoy more energy, better BMs, clear skin and deep sleep (too much food wrecks all of that)
* Discern food allergens with careful reintroduction
PLUS you can buy an infra-red sauna package (3 sessions) for $125 (medical receipt available) for detox at Joanie’s NOW Spa, same building, by contacting Carrie Amott at (907) 723-1297.
So, to sum up:
April 30 – May 14 2022
3 classes (free) on Saturdays 3:30-4:30 PM
1 visit to Dr. Kane (ideally at least a week before the ProLon phase begins to allow me time to order for you) $110 for 1/2 hour; $205 for 60 minutes.  Please call or text Bret at (907) 586-3655and tell him it’s a pre-cleanse appointment.
5 days of raw food ($250 to Jamie Troxel)
5 days of ProLon high quality soups, olives and snacks ($187)
Optional: 3-sauna package (go with a friend!) courtesy of Carrie.
I will be limiting this group to 15 optimal health seekers.  Please reserve your spot ASAP by booking an appointment with me.
Call or text (907) 586-3655