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Foods and Teas that Protect Against RADIATION Damage

April 6th, 2011 · Dr. Kane's Articles ·

PROTECTIVE FOODS 1. Chlorophyll-containing foods: barley grass and chlorella. Chlorophyll closely resembles human blood and is used to cleanse, detoxify, purify and heal many conditions. It retards bacterial growth, detoxifies heavy metals from the body, increases wound healing, detoxifies the liver and other organs, deodorizes the body, removes putrefactive bacteria from the colon, aids healing […]

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IODINE for Radiation Exposure

March 14th, 2011 · Naturopathic News ·

Don’t panic please. At this point radiation has only leaked from the Dai-Ichi plant and has not contaminated the air beyond about a 12-mile radius at levels “worse than 3-Mile Island, but way below levels of Chernobyl” according to an AP report tonight, March 14. However, in case of massive leakage and eastward drift of […]

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