Q: My dentist told me that poor dental/oral health can increase the risk for Alzheimer’s. Is this just an urban legend to generate more dentistry business? A: Not at all!   Your dentist keeps up with the medical news.  The link between poor oral health and cardio-vascular disease is long established.  More recently researchers are exploring the so-called gut-brain axis.  By now we all know that the tube that runs from our mouth to our rectum is chock full of bugs.  Hold on now, don’t we have way better dental care than our ancestors, and wasn’t there less dementia back then?  Well, yes but we are living longer (and have better ability to diagnose neurological degeneration) and we also have a lot of microflora-disrupting stuff posing as “food” that is marketed to go down the hatch.  I don’t want to sound judgmental, but it never fails to shock me walking into a super-store and see the aisles upon aisles of fluffed up GMO-laced corn-carbs with artificial flavorings.  Protect your brain!  Don’t walk down these aisles. The several areas in the mouth...

http://www.medscape.com/ http://www.medscape.com/ http://www.medscape.com/ Hot off the press new protocol for improving cognitive function and reversing many measurable parameters of  mild cognitive impairment (MCI), the precursor to early dementia and eventually Alzheimer’s, which until now has been considered an irreversible disease.  No drugs have worked.  The “new protocol” (book will be published in the spring, by Dr. Dale Bredesen) states that our brains make amyloid to PROTECT against toxic insults, which are the actual cause of decay of cognitive function.  Dr. Bredesen talks about 3 types of Alzheimer’s, which has been borne out by many meta-analyses. 

We all know our “health care” system isn’t working.  That’s because it’s actually a  highly profitable disease management system.  The industry makes money when you are chronically ill.  I know that sounds cynical but observe how darned easy it is, 24/7, to buy poor quality food made of fluffed up GMO corn, soy or refined wheat.  GMO corn is everywhere in the form of corn syrup (HFCS).  Kids are targeted in sophisticated advertising campaigns to pester their parents for horribly poor quality “food” choices. 

Recently, while visiting with some of my naturopathic medical school classmates, my friend told us an interesting story. She had a patient who suffered with asthma for 35 years. The asthma had come on suddenly and was worsening despite all treatments, both medical and naturopathic. She asked herself what had changed 35 years ago. In her frustration she searched her memory for what behaviors she might have begun 35 years ago. The answer was her brand of toothpaste, and she had continued to use that same brand for 35 years. She changed her toothpaste and her asthma quickly disappeared.

The only portals of entry are the nostrils and mouth/throat. In a global epidemic of this nature, it’s almost impossible to avoid coming into contact with H1N1 in spite of all precautions.  Contact with H1N1 is not so much of a problem as is proliferation of the virus.

Milk thistle (Silybum marianum), particularly the seeds, has been used medicinally for over 2000 years.  Ancient writings recommend milk thistle not only for liver and gall bladder disorders, but for poisoning of all kinds including from toxic mushrooms and snakebites. The modern use of milk thistle extract began in 1949 when animal studies showed that it could protect the liver against carbon tetrachloride poisoning.  Since then over 100 clinical trials have been performed on this miraculous medicine and it is carried in the Emergency Department pharmacies of most major European hospitals.  Milk thistle has successfully saved lives by reversing acetaminophen (Tylenol) and Amanita mushroom (one of the most deadly) poisoning. Milk thistle is thought to work in three main ways: first as an antioxidant, “quenching” free radicals created from poisoning or environmental pollution.  Folks living in a smoggy area are well advised to take 600-750 mg daily of standardized milk thistle.  The best quality milk thistle is standardized to contain 70% by weight of the major ingredient silybin.  The other mechanisms of action are by protecting the cell membranes (most...

On October 2 the citizens of Juneau, Alaska voted to keep sodium fluoride OUT of our pure, glacial-melt water. It was a landslide victory (4800 to 1900). Yay! Sodium fluoride is not as bad as hydrofluorosilicate, but it’s still a waste product from the phosphate fertilizer industry. www.fluoridealert.org

From The Juneau Empire, October 3, 2007 by Amanda Fehd Juneau says no to fluoride – Proposition fails 61 to 37 percent Juneau’s voters delivered a resounding “no” to fluoridating the city’s water supplies on Tuesday, putting an end, for now, to one of the most hotly contested and expensive ballot initiatives in the city’s history Preliminary vote counts showed Proposition 2 failed 61 to 37 percent. Of 24,613 registered voters, 7,820 voted at the polls. Another 1,500 absentee ballots and 600 questioned ballots remain to be counted. The Juneau city clerk’s office plans to certify the final count by next Tuesday.

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