Do you have labs results with HIGH TRIGLYCERIDES? Is your conventionally trained physician just telling you to take drugs? Yikes! High triglycerides can usually be spotted even without lab tests because they look like belly fat, or the classic apple shape body.

Helping Your Eyes Last A Lifetime Can you imagine your world not being able to read, or appreciate the scenery, or see what your family members look like? Many people with good eyesight take this blessed gift for granted. Starting in their late ’30s most folks experience a natural decline in visual acuity. Especially in this age of computer technology, where 65% of all professionally employed adults have a least some exposure to working at a computer screen, we need to protect our eyesight. There are three basic areas which will be discussed here. First is PREVENTION of failing eyesight; second is NUTRITION for the eyes; third is EXERCISE to maintain eye health. Just like for any other part of the body or mind, the best approach to health is prevention of disease. Prevention and repair both can often be accomplished with proper nutrition and adequate daily exercise.