Mid Holiday CLEANSE 2023

Hello Optimal Health Seekers

I’m inviting you to join me in a multi-community cleanse between Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays (and all the other holidays during this season that offer opportunities to indulge). Some may think “Life is short and therefore…. I’ll eat and drink whatever I please.”  Others may have come to the conclusion that eating less and basically swearing off alcohol as we age makes for a better day, a happier belly and a more functional brain.  Either way, it’s good to have options.

Let’s meet in person for a pre-cleanse strategy session from noon to 1 PM Saturday December 2 at the Heritage Cafe downtown.  I’ll get there early to try to get the sofa area!

If you choose to help yourself stay lean and clean, let’s do another round of 5 days of ProLon fast-mimicking diet, followed by 5 days of Jamie Troxel’s delicious raw food service.  Day One of ProLon will start for me on Thursday December 7 and go through Monday December 11.  This will segue nicely into Jamie’s 5-day offering Dec 12-16.  You can get a ProLon box from me in the office while supplies last, or order here and enter my name and Juneau in search bar.  Discount will appear at check out: $140 per kit if you buy 3.  Team up!

Prolon Professional Program

To get set up with Jamie please text her at (907) 209-8293.