Lately I have enjoyed a mini cleanse developed over 25+ years by Dr. Valter Longo.  It’s a 5-day program that allows for a fasted state (ketosis, autophagy) without having to go without food, called ProLon (as in prolong your life, and a tribute to founder Dr. Longo).  Water only fasting for more than a day, which I rarely recommend, basically requires resting quietly in a cave.  For 10 days this June I’ve combined this 5-day fasting-mimicking diet with a kit available through my website here: https://prolonfmd.com/products/prolon-professionals followed by Jamie Troxel’s yummy raw food cleanse — also a 5 day program.  If you’d like to join the group, the dates will be June 14-23.  Please call Jamie directly at (907) 209-8293 to arrange for pick up and payment.  This will be a splendid treat and gift to yourself — no thinking about food for 10 days because everything you need will be provided.  Very doable.  And the benefits will be immediate and lasting.  Email me at to get on the list for the group get-togethers — likely Saturday(s) at 4 ish.