Spring Cleanse 2021 Flowing Into A Summer Camp For Total Gut Restoration

Greetings Optimal Health Seekers!

I have been thinking about this year’s spring cleanse for several weeks. Maybe call it rebooting an excellent lifestyle or perhaps you can relate to wanting to take a closer look at day-to-day health habits.

You don’t have to go anywhere for this personal retreat. But you can easily take it on the road if you have travel plans that can finally hatch!

What I have to offer is modifiable, and has 3 basic levels of commitment — per your evaluation of need for fine-tuning your health.

Level 1) A very simple, 10-day cleanse starting Saturday May 29. Please see me in the office to help design this program for your current health needs. Office visit charge $205. Or, if you don’t need my help, join us with a program you feel comfortable with (say, the Master Cleanse). What I personally will be doing is 10 days of robust nutritive soup: roasted veggies blenderized with some kind of non-beef (I’m blood type A) bone broth. Just to really give the gut a rest for 10 days. I will offer two 1/2 hour Zoom meetings on Tuesday June 1 and 8. If you are participating in the program, I’ll email you to submit questions for our check-ins. LMK what time of day on Tuesday would work best for you and I’ll accommodate the majority.

Level 2) Building onto the above (simple, easy food for 10 days), we have a delightful option for transitioning to a 5-day gourmet organic raw-food situation thanks to Jamie Troxel and her energy and culinary skill. Jamie will take orders from you directly. I have arranged for her to be prepared to make lots of raw food yummies for the “week” of Tuesday June 8 through Saturday June 12. $250 goes directly to Jamie and she ideally would get paid before your first day picking up food (Monday June 7 between 4-6 PM). See more at www.MyWifesJuicebar.com on the “Cleanse” tab. Or text Jamie at 209-8293.

Level 3) Building on the above 2 programs, this is where we really dig in and stay focused for a comprehensive, 12-week, “Total Gut Restoration” program. This program will begin on or around May 29, along with everyone else, but has a specific focus on permanent improvement of your digestive system, improving your immune system (these are linked) and exploring the possibility of a whole new level of cognitive energy — all from having a repaired, restored, happy tube 🙂

Go to MicroBiomeLabs.com to learn about the Total Gut Restoration program. Also I’ve attached 2 brochures below. Some of you may remember my enthusiasm many years ago about their flagship product, MegaSpore probiotic, which is the only probiotic I typically still recommend. It’s designed to get past the stomach acid (the good bugs in MegaSpore are enzymatically “regressed” into their spore form, and don’t activate until lower down in the gut) and also contains crucial species not generally available in other commercial probiotics. The folks at Microbiome Labs are pretty wonky. They love research and their gut transformation system is supported by many published papers, clinical practice and patient feedback.

There are 3 phases of the Total Gut Restoration program:

Step One is to recondition your gut so the beneficial bacteria are naturally favored. We take MegaSpore probiotic for about a month (sometimes longer) with the objective of crowding out pathogens, and to increase diversity of helpful bacteria by optimizing the pH (acidic up high, near the stomach, and increasingly alkaline as the nutrients move down the tube getting absorbed). Of course wonderful pooping is a goal of this program and if you don’t have wonderful daily pooping, please consider this adventure with me. These probiotics are in capsule form, should be taken right before a meal, and do not require refrigeration.

Step Two is to reinforce a healthy and diverse gut microbiome with all-natural PRE-biotics while eating a balanced, healthy diet, which we can negotiate together in my office based on your health goals, health concerns, habits, blood type and other individual factors. Prebiotics (various types of fiber) feed the probiotics (good bugs). This supplement is taken weeks 5-8, or possibly longer, with or without food, and comes in either capsule or powder form (same price).

Step Three is to rebuild the thick mucosal barrier that protects the immune system from the outside world. In addition to MegaSpore pro- and prebiotics you’ll add this unique mucosal support supplement for about a month. MegaMucosa is formulated with key amino acids to rebuild a healthy mucosal barrier, as well as delivering dairy-free immunoglobulins clinically shown to support a healthy immune response in the intestinal tract. Yet another unique ingredient is a citrus extract (flavobiotic) shown to maintain microbial diversity and alleviate barrier dysfunction. We need a robust mucosal barrier all along the tube — otherwise harmful substances, such as pathogenic bacteria, environmental and agricultural toxins, and undigested food particles can pass into the bloodstream. We don’t want that! The inside of your “tube” is immediately connected to the outside environment. Our precious tube serves us every day not only by delivering nutrition, but by filtering out anything that should NOT be getting more deeply into the body through the bloodstream.

Healthy longevity depends on a happy gut.

The cost for the 12-week program is $575. In order to personalize this and officially prescribe it to you, please come to my office before the end of May. Reply to this email or text Bret at (907) 586-3655. $205 of this charge will be for my one-hour office visit and $370 covers the 3 months of high level Total Gut Restoration supplements introduced above.

I would really appreciate a heads up for your interest in the 12-week “summer camp” for Total Gut Restoration before May 5 so I can make sure to order the product in time.

Happy spring all! Looking forward to getting to our best life together!
Emily Kane ND