Spring Cleanse 2020 Via ZOOM

Ready for a spring cleanse? 

Here comes the the 2020 virtual version; a collaboration with Dr. Emily Kane and YOU.  This month-long, self-care commitment will set you up for the graceful aging that you know is within reach.  Join with wellness enthusiasts and optimal health seekers to reboot.  The group format will help us stay committed.  The individual session with me will help to personalize your process.  My aim is to offer durable advice to help you regain and/or maintain optimal WELLNESS. 

Dates: April 14 through May 12 via ZOOM.  This will be fun!

Format: 5 interactive lectures with Dr. Kane, on Tuesdays from 3-4 PM starting April 14 through May 12.  
Location: via ZOOM on your computer!

Curriculum: Classes will focus on finding your best diet, improving sleep quality, sticking with moving your body daily, skin brushing, home hydrotherapy, and much more. You will learn to apply simple self-health tips with a special focus on clearing or preventing viral infections.  Hint: viruses dislike heat — so you need to sweat!

Cost: $200: $65 for 5 lectures, $20 for urine pH test kit and 1/2 hour office visit with Dr. Kane via Facetime or scheduled phone talk to personalize the program: $115.  Reimbursable by most local insurers (except Medicare/Medicaid)

I am only taking 16 participants in order to emphasize individual attention to your successful program.  You will need to figure out how to sweat (home sauna — lucky you!  Brisk walking outside works also).  See my post on FEVER as a potent anti-viral.

To hold your place send $50 to Dr. Emily Kane/Natural Healthcare/418 Harris St, Suite 329 Juneau AK  99801.  Or call in credit card info.  You can pay total for immediate insurance receipt for this telemedicine event.  Upon receipt I will add you to ZOOM invitation list.

Please email me if you want more info, or to chat about whether this is the right program for you: