25th Annual Spring Cleanse!

Please join fellow optimal health enthusiasts (and newbies) for a 3-week commitment which will include the following:

  • sweating daily via exercise or far infra-red sauna
  • drinking mostly only water, plus 8-12 ounces daily of Kombucha. No coffee or alcohol. Herbal tea is fine.
  • abstaining from sugar, refined carbs, processed foods (stuff in packages or boxes unless a single ingredient like sardines, or dried seaweed)
  • no dairy, red meat, eggs (maybe OK), corn, soy, potatoes, tomatoes or citrus fruit (maybe OK).

Good grief! What’s left to eat?

The basic idea is to develop a new level of enthusiasm for the joy of eating low-lectin, super nutritious, vegetables. We will share lots of recipes! We’ll also enjoy salmon and small amounts of rice/quinoa/barley.

The detox program will be 3 weeks of clean eating, intermittent fasting and regular sweating, plus enemas/colonics.  We are doing some deep spring cleaning.  That’s the  point, right?  I’m limiting the class size because I want to give everyone individual attention.  Besides recipes you will receive handouts on home self-care such as skin brushing, contrast hydrotherapy, short meditations and full-body stretches that anyone can enjoy.

Cost: $100, plus individual appointment with Dr. Kane required.

NOW Spa sauna package required ($150-$300 depending on the number of saunas). Group meetings will occur on the following dates from 11:30AM—1:00PM:

  • Saturday, April 20
  • Saturday, April 27
  • Saturday, May 4
  • Saturday, May 11

Please contact me at 586-3655 or to reserve your place.