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Next 40 day KETO CHALLENGE starting November 6, 2018

The program consists of six 1-hour interactive lectures with stimulating guest speakers to teach you all you need to know about thriving in nutritional ketosis.  The basic idea is that FAT is a superior fuel for the human body than glucose.  One molecule of glucose produces between 32 and 36 units of ATP (adenosine triphosphate, the unit of energy produced inside our mitochondria), whereas one molecule of fat produces 46 and up to 52 units of ATP.  That’s a huge difference when you consider that each of the trillions of cells in our bodies contain up to 10,000 mitochondria.  The metabolically active cells (brain, heart, kidneys, muscle) contain high number of mitochondria and collectively produce up to 10 pounds by weight of ATP every day.  Wow!  The shorter-lived cells, like skin and mature red blood cells, have fewer mitochondria.  Much, if not all, physical and mental illness is exacerbated by using glucose as a primary fuel.  Nutritional ketosis is about using FAT for fuel because fat is what the mitochondria prefer.  The benefits for body, mind and soul are astounding.  When you feed your body correctly, your brain is happy.  When your brain is happy your heart can open.  When your heart is open and you choose to promote feeling beautiful feelings at every opportunity, the world becomes a better place.  We can all go there together.

Basic cost for program:
$100 for 6 lectures

$150 (approx) for a glucose/ketone meter and test strips, plus a good book on the subject: “Fat for Fuel” by Dr. Joseph Mercola.  Another option for loads of info on ketosis is this online manual:

There is room for 15 participants only.  Please email me with questions and to get on the list.

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Emily Kane ND