Deep Dive Into Better Health. Six Week Program Designed For YOU

ONGOING 6-week deep dive into radiant self-health care


The 6-week deep dive into radiant health is an on-going program I offer along with personal trainer and Master of Public Health Audra Henderson.  You will enjoy a six weekly meetings with both me and with Audra, ideally 6 weeks in a row, but there is some flexibility to allow for schedule hiccups or travel.  Audra and I have been working together to refine this program which involves assessment of your self-health “weak spots.”  The 3 of us will work together as a team developing Specific,  Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound protocols (SMART) to create new health habits, and of course reduce or remove obstacles to health such as smoking or junk-food snacking or not sleeping enough.  The focus is creating a routine for regular exercise, home cooking with an “Alaskatarian” bent (lots of veggies and fresh wild salmon), safely reducing pharmaceuticals if feasible, weight loss if needed, improved digestive health and implementing restorative sleep.  The basics!  And the essential elements of radiant health.  If you feel you could use a health tune-up, please contact me to schedule the appointments.  The program costs $1350 for 6 one hour private sessions with me and 6 one hour private sessions with Audra, who is available to come to your home or work with you at your gym.  These represents a discount compared to booking all these sessions separately.  We want to create an incentive for you to dive into this program, and set up better health habits, so you can live a better life.