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If you are looking for a good weight loss program, I do recommend ORENDA’s CLEAN/BURN/SHAPE program.  Check it out.  Very high quality, and with enough variety to maintain all necessary nutrients, based on whole foods but adding thermogenic (fat burning) ingredients.  There’s a lot about this program on the ORENDA website.

What I want to focus on here is the AWAKEN/CLEANSE/FEED program, which is truly unique and designed to facilitate deep detox.  You get a discount if you buy the whole system, called the ORENDA ULTIMATE PACK.

Deep cleaning involves improving immune function. Our immune system is mostly white blood cells, and the lymphatic channels.  White blood cells contain sacks of enzymes, called lysosomes, which break down any “foreign” tissue in the body, including parasites, pathogenic bacteria, viruses, fungal overgrowth, and undigestible food.  About 75% of the burden on our immune system over our lifetime occurs across the “tube” (gastro-intestinal tract).  The other 25% is through the nose and into the lungs.

Ideally, we want food digested in the tube only, without involving the immune system. The saliva is loaded with amylase (starch digesting enzyme), hydrochloric acid (essential for digesting protein) is produced in the stomach, bile (digests fat) is made in the liver and the back-up digestive organ, the pancreas, which secretes both amylase and lipase (another enzyme to digest fat) into the upper small intestine are all needed to prepare our bodies for nutrient absorption.  Lower down in the small intestines, completely digested (hopefully) food gets taken up into the bloodstream through the lush “brush border” of millions of micro-villae.  Celiac disease is an unfortunate condition in which these micro-villae get abraded down to non-functional nubs by high-gliadin content wheat.  The basics of a functional digestive system requires pooping daily, drinking plenty of water, taking time for REAL FOOD, hardly ever eating junk food, minimizing or ideally eliminating drugs, including coffee, alcohol and refined carbs, and, please don’t forget enough time to sleep 7+ hours every night.  What you eat is very importanf but the bottom line is what you absorb.

Most “detox” programs, helpfully, start by improving pooping, peeing and sweating. That’s great!  That’s where we need to start any detox program.  However, there’s a deeper level of detoxification, and that’s at the cellular level.  Inside each cell we have a nucleus (which contains the DNA, or genetic code of every cell in our body) and the mitochondria – which take up at least ½ of the volume of each cell.  The mitochondria are functional remnants of when life on the planet was only single-celled organisms.  Way back in time, a larger cell engulfed a smaller cell, and multiple-cellular organisms were started.  Our mitochondria are like specialized bacteria that produce all the energy required to make our bodies go.  This energy is called ATP (adenosine triphosphate) and is made from glucose.  Our cells put out unimaginable amounts of ATP every day.  The number “one million” has 6 zeros after the one.  The number of units of ATP our bodies create every day is about 10 to the 25th power.  That’s a one with 25 zeros after it.  The weight of all this ATP produced by ONE person, EVERY day, is about equivalent to our own body weight.  When you recognize that “energy” weighs practically nothing, that may help conjure up this enormous output. A key to good health is to keep our mitochondria working well. Here’s another fascinating fact about mitochondria: they have their own DNA (transmitted only through the maternal lineage) AND they have their own probiotics.

ORENDA’s deep cleaning AWAKEN/CLEANSE/FEED program has four “products”: Immune, O’Tropin, Eaze, and a high quality multi-vitamin called All-In-One. The first 3 products are truly unique and I will go into more depth about them now.  IMMUNE contains 3 incredible ingredients.  One is Muramyl peptides, a substance found in the cell walls of mitochondrial probiotics (good bugs) which have been shown to activate our Natural Killer (NK) cells – one of the most potent of our specialized disease fighting white blood cells.  IMMUNE also contains two powerful toxin-binding agents that work to pull toxins out of cells (this goes beyond binding up toxins in our gut for excretion).  These toxicln-sucking nutrients  are Calcium D Glucarate, which occurs natural in many fruits and vegetables and enhances a liver-detox process called glucoronidation, and beta 1-3 glucans (often derived from Brewer’s yeast, but in the ORENDA product it’s derived from oats), which is well documented to activate a variety of immune system processes.  For a deep detox, take two (2) IMMUNE tablets every night at bedtime.  We do most of our detox and repair during sleep.

If you are engaging in deep cellular detox because you desire optimal health and rejuvenation, the other bedtime supplement you’ll want to consider is OTROPIN (4 sprays if normal weight, or 6-8 sprays if needing weight loss). OTROPIN is another effective and completely unique ORENDA product.  OTROPIN is a pituitary balancer.  As a quick review, the endocrine system (which secretes hormones) is comprised of the gonads (testes for men; ovaries for women), the adrenal glands (which secrete adrenaline, cortisol and DHEA) and the thyroid gland.  All these glands are regulated by the “master” hormone gland, the pituitary, located deep in the brain behind the eyes.  The way the system is designed is that if the output of any given hormone, say estrogen, is diminishing, then the “feedback” to the brain is “hey, low estrogen alert” and the pituitary increases secretion of FSH (follicular stimulating hormone) which sends a powerful signal, through the bloodstream, back to the ovaries, which try to respond by squirting out more estrogen.  Increasingly, however, I’m finding patients with not only low hormone output, but also low pituitary function.  So these stressed pituitary glands just don’t have the power to feedback to the endocrine organs.  Frank endocrine insufficiencies are extremely common in a doctor’s office today.  Fifty years ago hypothyroidism was almost unheard of.   Today nearly 25% of the population is hypothyroid.  Why?  Pollution, diminished quality of our soil, and thus of our food, chronic stress, EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies – pulsing through us 24/7), plastic everywhere… So our glands are overburdened and our ability to cleanse and detox diminishes.  OTROPIN will help prevent, or repair this pituitary stress.  It contains unique ingredients formulated from high level research in the “anti-aging” science field.  I prefer to think of this as “graceful ageing” since we are all ageing and the “anti-aging” propaganda can promote unrealistic thinking in my opinion.  OTROPIN contains 3 potent ingredients: GABA  (gamma-amino-butyric acid, a calming neurotransmitter), Macuna puriens (an Amazonian herbal remedy well documented to promote dopamine production.  Dopamine is another calming neurotransmitter, which tragically diminishes radically in Parkinson patients), and Shilajit, an Ayurvedic herbal medicine (also known as  Moomiyo) which contains 85 different minerals/trace minerals plus numerous amino acids and has research to support its testosterone raising potential.  In a nutshell, OTROPIN is designed to optimize pituitary function.

The morning supplements in ORENDA’s AWAKE/CLEANSE/FEED program include an amazingly effective “all-day” enzyme (EAZE) plus a high quality multi-vitamin. To promote optimal digestion and reverse “leaky gut” I sometimes teach patients the HOPE approach.  This acronym stands for H = high fiber diet, O = Omega 3 oils (such as from wild salmon or flax meal), P = probiotics and E = enzymes.  Digestive enzymes and probiotics help us get the most nutrition from our food, and help promote optimal daily elimination of waste.  When we are optimally digesting food, we naturally eat less.  Most overweight people, sadly, are actually malnourished, so they are caught in a Catch-22 of needing more nutrition, but also needing to eat fewer calories in order to lose weight.  Taking  just two of the EAZE enzymes capsules in the morning will cover you all day for enzymatic help digesting food, and will also digest any backlog of “debris” in the tissues or bloodstream caused by inflammatory debris.  Remember, the immune system works largely by digesting foreign material – good health is all about good enzymatic digestion. Not only does EAZE contain fast-acting digestive enzymes that will break down a broad range of food, including plant fibers, dairy products and proteins, but it also contains probiotics, including the highly effective broad spectrum baccilus coagulans, and pre-biotics.  Pre-biotics (such as FOS — fructo-oligo saccharides) are nutrients that specifically feed probiotics,.  Besides this blend of 31 enzymes, probiotics and pre-biotics, EAZE is enteric coated, which means it will get past the stomach acid intact and deliver its goods lower down in the small intestine, where all this goodness can be absorbed into the bloodstream, tissues and cells.  The other morning supplement in the AWAKEN/CLEANSE/FEED program is a high quality multi-vitamin (slightly different formulation for men and women) which provides what I think of as a safety net in case you don’t eat all the micro-nutrients that you need on any given day.