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I propose a 10-day commitment to really clean eating, with 3 saunas, 2 colonics, 1 ozone “Russian” steam and 1 therapeutic massage during the 10-14 day time frame.
There will be 3 classes as follows, all on Sundays, at NOW Spa, at 4 PM for about 45 minutes:
April 30 — intro to food plan.  Optional supplements to expedite cleansing will be available
May 7 — this will be our 2rd day on fabulous clean eating so we’ll check in, and share recipes
May 14 — penultimate day of committed extra-clean eating but we’ll be meeting to encourage each other to keep to a wonderful self-care plan permanently 🙂
Cost: $345
This includes 3 classes, 3 saunas at NOW Spa, one 90-minute massage with a fabulous NOW Spa licensed therapist, and one ozone steam experience (= “exercise in a bottle” plus exceptional immune tonic).  This price does NOT include the price of 2 colonics, which will be offered courtesy of Debbie Gillespie, ND, LM.  Please contact Debbie directly to schedule: GillespieND@gmail.com
The class is limited to 12 participants.  Please let me know if you wish to be on the list, and send $45 to reserve your place: Natural Healthcare, 418 Harris St #329, Juneau 99801
Here is a list of 7 habits to use EVERY DAY to stay clean, lean and healthy:
1) drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces of pure water
2) have 8-10 servings (1/2 cup) of fresh cooked or raw veggies
3) have some protein for breakfast
4) sleep a minimum of 6 hours, but ideally 7 1/2 hours and once a week go for 9 hours
5) deep breathing/meditation for at least 5 minutes
6) walk, ideally more than 10,000 steps
7) exercise: weekly aim for weights twice, cardio twice and stretching thrice.
Happy Spring Cleaning!

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