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Look here to learn about a new program to lose weight and prevent/reverse diabetes

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Juneau’s Dr. Emily Kane offers the TRANSFORMATIONS WELLNESS EXPRESS CARD to help reverse obesity, achieve desired weight loss and stem the diabetes epidemic.


Click here to view a youtube made by Dr. Kane’s colleague, Dr. Mona Morstein, who discusses how well the Transformations 360 program is working with her patients.


TRANSFORMATIONS, A leading Prevention and Wellness Company, in collaboration with Dr. Emily Kane of Juneau, AK is launching the TRANSFORMATIONS WELLNESS EXPRESS CARD.


Currently, almost half the US adult population is diabetic or pre-diabetic, 75% are obese or overweight and on some form of medication.  The CDC is projecting these statistics will continue to worsen.  This is why Dr. Kane is offering the TRANSFORMATIONS WELLNESS EXPRESS CARD, because, as she says in her own words: “Finally, there is an affordable way for people to learn correct food habits while having a specially trained healthcare practitioner address the underlying functional health issues that are preventing them from losing weight or keeping it off, while also addressing insulin resistance that ultimately develops into Type II Diabetes.”


Dr. Kane continues: “America needs a Wellness Program that addresses all of these issues and America does not have such a wellness plan” except through offices of nutritionally trained providers, such as Naturopathic Physicians.   For years Dr. Kane has provided health and wellness services to Juneau and the surrounding areas.  She continues to develop this commitment with the TRANSFORMATIONS Wellness Express Card, a $275 value which she is discounting to only $199 to help South East Alaska further implement health and wellness.


The TRANSFORMATIONS WELLNESS EXPRESS CARD will establish people’s WICO® Score (their wellness index, like FICO® for credit), that is determined by evaluating 15 functional health conditions based on their symptoms. Thereafter, a dietary program is started where people can lose up to 7 pounds in 7 days if carrying excess weight, simply by eating whole foods.  A consultation is provided by a specially trained practitioner to evaluate the 15 functional health conditions that make up the WICO® Score. During this consultation any severe, moderate or mild conditions that show up on the WICO® Graph can be discussed, and recommendations will be made on how to correct health problems before they become chronic disease. Early intervention will allow for long term success with weight loss and diabetes prevention, which is especially important for people who are pre-diabetic.


Dr. Kane is also working with The Alaska Club/Juneau Racquet Club, where she taught yoga for nearly 20 years, to encourage their members to stay well and extend their commitment to optimal health.




TRANSFORMATIONS, Inc. offers healthcare practitioners programs that prevent diabetes, reverse pre-diabetes, weans people off their lifestyle induced medication, addresses obesity with sustainable weight loss programs and a system to pinpoint the root cause of a patient’s symptoms. With 100’s of thousands of people and hundreds of clinics using the TRANSFORMATIONS’ program across North America, they are the leader in the wellness industry in educating, exciting and empowering people on how to achieve true health and maintain it over time. www.transformationsclinic.com


Natural Healthcare (www.DrEmilyKane.com) has provided drug-free solutions for many healthcare needs in Juneau and S.E. Alaska for 20 years.  Our clinic is a trusted leader in alternative medicine in Alaska.  My team of providers and consultants have many years of combined experience in nutritionally based natural healing.  All the healthcare professionals at Natural Healthcare have their own, and your, optimal health as a shared goal, and we will work with each of you to achieve wellness, naturally.  Our focus is to discover, and correct, the underlying cause of health concerns, and to provide natural options with minimal pharmaceutical intervention.


Dr. Kane can be contacted by phone at (907) 586-3655 or by email at DrEmilyKane@gmail.com




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